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Portable Brinell Hardness Tester

Model No. PHT-5050

Technical Support: (201) 962-8352

The PHT-5050 Portable Brinell Hardness Tester has been engineered and built for durability, while maintaining accurate and repeatable Brinell hardness measurements. This versatile Brinell hardness tester can be used to take accurate Brinell hardness tests in any direction, up, down or sideways. And this hardness tester can act as both a bench type or portable hardness tester for use in the field. The PHT-5050 portable Brinell hardness tester meets all Brinell standards, including ASTM E-110, and relevant Brinell hardness tester standards from ISO, JIS and GB. Lifetime technical support is included on all Phase II Hardness Testers. So test away with confidence and a level of accuracy you will only find at Phase II.

The PHT-5050 portable Brinell hardness tester is easy to operate and small enough to carry to outside locations for on-site testing. This portable hardness tester can be used to test all sizes of parts and parts in any direction.

This portable Brinell hardness tester utilizes a 3,000 kg load on a 10mm carbide ball, which is available for reading or re-reading at any time.

The PHT-5050 portable Brinell hardness tester uses a hydraulic principle with hand-operation to apply the 3000kg test force. The central part of this portable Brinell hardness tester is a small hydraulic system in which a release valve is used to control the test force.

Standard accessories for the portable Brinell hardness tester:
The PHT-5050 portable Brinell hardness tester comes with a calibrated test block, 10mm carbide ball, measuring microscope, 3 anvils, usb stick(manuals/info), certificate and carry case.

Optional accessories: Phase II PHT-5000 optical Brinell scanner for Brinell portable hardness tester

Portable Brinell hardness tester specifications:

Test Force: 3000kg (500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, and 1500kg are optional)
Accuracy of Test Force: 1%
Indenter: 10 mm carbide ball indenter (5mm ball optional)
Testing Range: 16-650 HBW
Max. Specimen Height: Approx. 13”
Throat Depth: Approx. 4”
Repeatability: ISO 6506/ASTM E110
Error: ISO 6506/ASTM E110
Net Weight: 32 lbs.

Optional optical brinell hardness scanner
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